Finedon is a civil parish and village in the borough of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, with a population in the 2001 census of 4,188. Along with Wellingborough, it is twinned with Wittlitch, Germany and Niort France. Finedon is a large royal manor, previously held by Queen Edith >>>MORE

RIP Councillor John Bailey MBE.

John Bailey MBESadly John Bailey has passed away. I only knew John from afar but will be eterally gratful to him for his help in getting my mother moved to a flat more suitable for a widowed pensioner.

Over the following years he has helped me by allowing me to use the images and words from his books on this website, he has also helped many readers of the website with their enquires.

You will be fondly remembered Councillor John Bailey MBE, Historian.

Finedon Local History Society

unofficial website here

Finedon’s History Society, founded in 2000, is a group of dedicated local historians who’s aim is to record the rich history of Finedon and to keep the town’s past alive.

St. Mary’s Web Site

Keep up to date with events at st. Mary’s HERE>>

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